Business Process Automation

We create customized software defined by you and your business needs to automate a plethora of business processes, whether it be data gathering, invoice processing, account provisioning, reporting or custom application processes. We create software to help your business reduce the cost in time and money carrying out common business processes. Manual processes are replaced by custom software applications which integrate disparate systems to enable an end to end business process. Costs are saved by the reduced need for people.

Point of Sales Systems

We will build a Point of Sale System that includes everything you'll need to get started with POS in your business. Depending on your needs and the type of business you have, we have created systems specifically designed for retail, restaurant, bar, grocery, salon, and iPad based applications. Each system is made to provide the most efficient and productive POS experience for you and your customers.

Invoicing System

It is important for small businesses to have an accurate and efficient invoicing system in place. This can help you make sure you’re getting paid for the work you’re doing or the products you’ve sold. There's a world of difference between the needs of a 5-person company and a 55-person company. So we build invoicing for small businesses including all those one-person shops out there. And that makes for a much better fit between our products and your needs.

Inventory Management

A complete inventory tracking system for small businesses. Dramatically increase profitability with an automated, user-friendly approach to inventory management. Our Inventory system provides the ability to accurately track inventory, without the expense of a solution typically reserved for large businesses.

Website Design

Whether you're a sole trader or a multinational corporation a website is now an almost essential part of running a business. Even if you don't sell products directly online a site can still be used to showcase your services and skills or help people locate your premises. We focus on building competitive Web sites that are affordable while being on the cutting edge of today’s technological standards.

Text Management

According to a survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, among people under 30 years old, 91 percent of received SMS messages are responded to within an hour by the recipient.

SMS marketing’s unique advantage is its ability to laser-target a relevant message to an oftentimes primed individual. Its ability to do one-on-one advertising anytime, anywhere to any individual with a mobile phone is superior to any other marketing channel currently available.

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